Lego at work

I caught these little Lego guys. Of course they froze as soon as I entered the room, so I decided to capture the action.

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11 Comment “Lego at work”

  1. Sabine says:

    They are playing the game their whole life like men do! Great idea!

  2. ivanrs84 says:

    LOL! Awesome serie!

  3. Melvin says:

    Very nice work…. The concept was great!

  4. Great humourous series – but I love a lot of your other work too – here’s a link to my site, (I haven’t set it up for comments, but that’s a good idea) and thanks for the twitter follow –

  5. hehehe, cute. really inspiring, thanks for sharing.

  6. elizza says:

    I love the concept is really fun, great work

  7. Oscar says:

    Great Job, Great Comp., Great after all :)

  8. Thanks a lot for this, I appreciate the info

  9. jmleclercq says:

    Very nice concept…The first one is very well done !! Seems so real ;)

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