20 Interesting Photos of the Tv Tower in Berlin

The TV tower in Berlin is the landmark of the city. if one gets lost you can be well guided by the television tower.

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6 Comment “20 Interesting Photos of the Tv Tower in Berlin”

  1. basti says:

    great pictures!!

  2. James Cole says:

    Hi Ben,
    Some great shots here. I particularly love the third one down. It’d fit into a scene from Star Trek. The thick atmosphere gives a real sense of mystery and foreboding. With the tree in the foreground it is such a clash of nature vs technology and yet both are beautiful in their own ways.

  3. Ben – Great work as always. You have really done an exceptional job in capturing the tower. I am particularly struck by the amazing light and your compositions. It’s a great source of inspiration too.

  4. Hei! What a beautiful pictures I found here and in other posts!!!
    Very beautiful!
    Marcos Felice

  5. Michael says:

    Nice shots Ben!

  6. sonjah says:

    Love this pics

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